The good: I do love an unexpected pop of turquoise.

The bad: Is this a twinge too small? I mean, not AGGRESSIVELY too small. I just can’t help but think that this frock would look a bit better on Blake — who, let’s get real, has a great figure and looks good regardless as far as that goes — if it had a few extra inches of wiggle room. Like one inch, even.

Whoops! Actually, I suspect girlfriend just came unsnapped in the car — who hasn’t had things unsnap at inopportune times, after all? I once had my bra come undone in the middle of an interview (I got the job, so maybe it helped?) — but I also think the back would be prettier if the, um, wings had more room to, er, flap? I have to note that when we saw all these Marchesa dresses in person, I thought they were BEAUTIFUL (which they are) and I was excited to see them on people who are not models standing in an art museum, but I also thought they might be hard to pull off, and I stand by that. It takes a special girl to work those sleeves, and I’m not TOTALLY sure Ol’ Boobs Legsly is doing it (though her Boobs and her Legslys are appropriately covered, at least). And it can’t be a question of self-confidence — the girl’s being been hooking up with every hot guy in Hollywood (ALLEGEDLY), so she must know she’s got it going on.

Explain it to me:

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  • I don't get it, but I'm not feeling this either. (60%, 4,773 Votes)
  • Allow me to elaborate upon this in the comments! (1%, 109 Votes)

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