So, Paleyfest — which I just accidentally wrote as “Paley Gest,” which is what happens when the Paley Center eventually holds a week-long salute to the legacy of David Gest — really WILL have a panel for literally every show on television. I mean, no offense to 2 Broke Girls, which I have never watched and hope never to be forced to confront, but come on. They are ten minutes away from doing on for Rules of Engagement, or, as I call it, THAT’S Still On?

Regardless, at least it gives people an excuse to put on outfits and leave the house:

We’ve seen this before, right? I know one of you smarties out in Fug Nation will remember who was wearing it the first time. I suspect I liked it then, and in fact, I rather like it now. My real problem is that a comparison to placemats drifted through my head while I was looking at this, and now I can’t look at her without wanting to stick a water glass and a fork on her chest.

Fish me out of the woods:

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