Suddenly, I am getting the most powerful urge to see Anna Kendrick playing the Bridget Fonda part in a period-accurate remake of Singles, although I can tell you right now that if they decide to reboot Singles, I’m going to go full bitch and it’s not going to be pretty.

But she’d fit right in, and she’s perfect for that role, and this whole thing is actually really kind of cute, even though I’m slightly disturbed that might be the romper the likes of which I might once have tried on at Wet Seal after having pizza at Sbarro with my friend Jennifer circa 1992. Can I really REALLY sign off on something Wet Sealian?

Or am I just craving pizza?

  • This is rationally awful but cute in practice. (35%, 1,580 Votes)
  • Cute all around. (24%, 1,075 Votes)
  • NO. (33%, 1,508 Votes)
  • As Cliff Poncier might say: Bless you. (8%, 347 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,510

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