Well, this photo is kind of AWKWARD.

It takes a lot of woman to pose so cheerfully next to what is essentially a giant metal athletic supporter. I am not surprised that Angie Harmon has pulled that off, however — if I’ve learned anything from watching her on Law and Order (where she was my favorite ADA) and Rizzoli and Isles (where I have a total girl crush on her), it’s that she can be a bad-ass when the situation calls for it, even if that situation is, “smile while posing next to this giant naked guy holding masks.”

But what of the outfit? I actually remember seeing this one at fashion week and saying to Heather that the pattern on the skirt reminded me of a grandma’s recipe book. I think she’s inching very close to pulling it off, but I can’t help but think how AWESOME this dress would be if the skirt were plain black. As it is, it just looks like the modesty foliage got stapled to the wrong pelvis.

What do you think? Pretend you're the ADA and this dress is on trial for MURDER:

  • FRY IT. (24%, 2,479 Votes)
  • I think you have grounds for appeal. Let's not be too hasty. (43%, 4,512 Votes)
  • SET IT FREE! And into my closet! (33%, 3,460 Votes)

Total Voters: 10,452

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