So, we didn’t pull our punches on January Jones for showing up to the Golden Globes with hers very poorly wrapped in orange fringe. So I feel weird turning around and being all, “HOORAY FOR LADYPARTS,” with Amy Adams here.

But, a couple things:

1) January Jones looked like a high-fashion hula girl;

2) Amy Adams does not.

And frankly, we all already know January Jones is a foxy Maxim-type sex bomb. It wasn’t a statement she needed to underline, much less in Sharpie. Conversely, Amy Adams tends to get filed in that “such a pretty go-to supporting actress for your serious movie that you want to get Oscar buzz” category, and so it kind of makes sense — and is a welcome change — to see her working the va-va-voom. I’m not sure the dress itself is all that awesome; it’s just sort of there to showcase the goods. Like a shelf. So the question is whether this is a fun turn for Amy or whether you just want her to go put on a cardigan and try again tomorrow.

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