Well, first Lily Collins sports The Sweater Dress of My Youth, and now Amanda Seyfried is wearing a dress I possibly would have killed for, circa 7th grade:

I admit to still thinking this is still quite cute, if also something I’d expect to see on The Dynasty Diaries, a reboot of everyone’s favorite Spelling nighttime drama, still set in the 80s, but relocated to high school. Blake Carrington is the 5th year senior who’s been student body president for three years; Alexis Colby and he broke up junior year, and she’s decided to make his FINAL final year of high school a living hell (she’s also obviously the Head Bitch in Charge of the Cheerleading Squad and spends a lot of time smoking and then burning freshman with the butts, as well as pitting enemies against each other and sleeping with 12 different people working for the high school, for maximum blackmail purposes); Krystal — wearing this outfit at some point, natch — is the straight-A president of all the do-gooder clubs and dating Blake despite the fact that she might secretly think he’s kind of gross. The scene where Fallon — now Blake’s trashy/awesome spoiled younger sister instead of his trashy/awesome spoiled daughter — gets sucked out of her car by aliens remains the same, but I’m afraid that instead of painting Jeff’s office with poison pain to f’ with him, Fallon’s nefarious brother Adam is going to have to settle for the inside of his locker. This fall, on The CW!

[Photo: WENN]