The votes are in, and this lady ran away with the happy part of this ballot:

Incidentally, she got my vote, too — I loved this the second I saw it on her. And, oddly (because it almost never happens this way), my worst-dressed pick won as well:

I was concerned Kate would skate by because she’s relatively unfamous compared to every other contender, but she did not. (Paz de la Huerta and Christina Hendricks made it close, logging 13 percent to Kate’s winning 14, and Jenna Fischer scored 12 percent.)

And thank God she did not skate by, because this atrocity is ridiculous and deserved every inch of the fugging it got. It’s like she wanted to be her sister’s opposite number — the more-famous Mara is off shooting The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, looking all crazeballs as Lisbeth Salander, so Kate decided to dress as the pretty pretty princess of an air filter fortune. Don’t make yourself ridiculous just to keep up with the joneses, Kate — or in this case, the Rooneys, and by that I mean her sister and not the family that owns the Steelers (although that IS where her name comes from). Also, nothing against the Pack this weekend — against anyone else, I would root for them — but: GO STEELERS.