By request, I bring you…INTERESTING PANTS. I, too, am going through a period of bypassing jeans for trousers — or at least trying to. It’s fun, I feel like An Adult in trousers, the way I did in the Editor Pant from Express. The good news is that there are a lot of intriguing trouser suggestions available right now. The other good news is that trends in trousers are definitely moving toward looking cool rather than looking solely flattering, per se (although personally I’d like both). If you think you might want to transition into being a lady who wears pants from Eileen Fisher and looks like she owns an art gallery, this might be your moment. (I moved into the Eileen Fisher space with these several years ago and have relished being officially middle-aged. PS Eileen runs BIG.)   J.Crew is currently undergoing trouser madness; Madewell has followed suit. (No pun intended.) If I had a lot of time, I’d be digging through consignment shops too, because the slouchy trousers of yore are definitely back in style, and you just know someone just recently cleaned out the waaaay back of her closet and got rid of some lined wool pants. Speaking of wool pants, this is also where I note that current Banana Republic is VERY GOOD.

Maybe you’ll think one of these is very good too! (FYI — a lot of these have petites AND tall options.)

PS: I just noticed that the J.Crew pants with little hearts all over them are back in stock!

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