This is another By Request shopping post — I love your requests! Please always feel free to request! — and it feels very pertinent as we begin to change seasons into autumn, a time when (IDEALLY) you find yourself thinking, “I might need a jacket with this,” but it’s not cold enough to think, “I’m gonna FREEZE if this coat doesn’t cover my butt.”  I also remembered that several of you requested a moto jacket post earlier this week, because I am going out of town for a few days and I actually might need to bring mine, after what feels like ONE MILLION YEARS of not getting to wear it anywhere (due to weather and also how we were all locked inside forever). FWIW, I personally own this one from Madewell — well, the iteration from several years ago; I’ve had it for ages — and it was an excellent purchase. (It’s also way more expensive than it used to be!) Also, I need to admit that this is not exactly a moto jacket, but I AM obsessed with the fact that J.Crew is doing a version of their Lady Jacket in leather and I REALLY want one but…technically do not need.

And there are other perhaps excellent moto jacket purchases herein! They are not all leather, I swear this to you. Also, just know that my definition of “moto jacket” is real fluid:

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