It’s another reader request! And please don’t be shy about making those — I love hearing what you’d like to read about. But this also leads me to a confession: I am short, so I don’t actually wear a lot of non-caftan maxi-dresses other than around my house, as a Modern Housedress Situation, one that won’t terrify the UPS guy or my neighbors. (If these are also your needs, highly recommend Old Navy. For example, how cute is this?) I occasionally opt for them as a swimsuit cover-up. I own one gorgeous fancy one from Boden that I bought a few years ago and haven’t had the chance to wear in public yet because no one has invited me to a British garden party — which is rude of them. They don’t make it anymore — it’s silk, and I bought it in a middle of the night shopping frenzy when Wills and Kate were on their tour of India. (Although this one is lovely.) And I LONG for an Ulla Johnson one, but don’t want to spend the Ulla Johnson money (so I’ve been haunting The RealReal for one). But there are MANY cute maxi-dress options floating around the world waiting for you to snap one up, for whatever purpose you may wear them.

Now I want some.

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