So, Heather and I saw Ocean’s 8 the other day with some friends — it was a pleasure — and there is a scene wherein Sarah Paulson’s character pops up wearing a skirt I own! (It’s this knife-pleated J.Crew cherry print number.) I had sort of forgotten I own it, and the next day, I went into the Skirt Section of my closet and I realized that I have a LOT of skirts I don’t wear very often, because I mostly either wear dresses or jeans. But so many of my skirts are really cute, and I’ve decided I need to get back into skirts as a thing, because the Casual Skirt-Wearing Woman always looks so cute. In doing so, I’ve also realized that the world in general contains a lot of cute skirts for your skirt-wearing needs. (Like, basically every skirt currently for sale at Anthro is cute. This one, in particular, really reminds me of a Gucci skirt without also being like $2500.)


(Just as a note, some of the skirts shown on plus-size models are available in non-plus sizes, and vice-versa, so if you like something, click through and check sizes.)

I also need to be honest and admit that one of the reasons I was off skirts was because it was hard for me to figure out what to wear on top, beyond a simple tee shirt or a tank top. And the answer for me has been…a bodysuit. I know. I know. But they ARE useful in the world of skirts. Nothing rides up!

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