Well, we’ve discussed this topic before, but that was WAY BACK in January and it seemed like the time to revisit The Wide World of Blazers, as fall looms. As I have mentioned many a time before, I love a blazer; I own arguably too many blazers. The ones I wear the most are this navy blue Smythe one that I bought because Duchess Kate has one [I got it on super sale at ShopBop, so keep an eye out], this red houndstooth one, and this glen plaid one that I bought because I saw it on [I think] Jessica Alba.  I am….very suggestible. (I think that one is sold out, but ASOS has a good dupe.It’s a MIRACLE I didn’t buy this leopard one, you guys. I WORK FROM HOME. I need only so many blazers. (Although, in my defense, jeans + blazer + heels are really all you need in Los Angeles.)

And there are so many cute ones! Look:

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