I realized today that I have waxed poetic about blazers often lately; I was all heart-eyes-emoji over this Smythe blazer (owned by me, and also by Kate (Formerly) Middleton) and I went out on a limb for this wacky plaid blazer/coat on Margot Robbie recently. My feeling is that the blazer or blazer-equivalent is one of those items that actually does have a place in every wardrobe; even if your personal style is Crunchy Granola Topanga Canyon Resident Who Makes Her Own Yogurt, you probably need an article of clothing that accomplishes the blazer’s main aim, namely, a fitted jacket-like item that makes whatever boring, vaguely casual thing you’re wearing look more pulled together. (I imagine the aforementioned woman having a kind of Helena Bonham Carter thing going, so her version would probably be this. Or potentially this. She DEFINITELY owns this, and looks great it in, and wears it to her ceramics class, but she takes it off so she doesn’t ruin it. FYI, this woman throws a great New Year’s Eve party and you should definitely go if you get invited. She will also be of huge help when you have questions about your Instant Pot.)

In years past, before I transitioned to the Smythe, J.Crew was my go-to for blazers (I still have a glorious tweed one from there, which of course they don’t sell anymore, although this one at Nordstrom is similar and VERY CUTE and also on sale), and they still have EXCELLENT classic blazer options, like this one. That shit is just good with jeans.  Let us behold some cute blazers, shall we?

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