When everyone from us to HuffPo to the Daily Mail to Pop Crush (who have her looking amazing on the cover of Fashion Canada — seriously, compare and contrast) are discussing whether or not you’re dressing weirdly too young for your age (26), obviously the best plan of attack from your team is to put you in a Catholic school girl uniform for your next event and hope for the best:

I actually think this dress is cute enough, but it needs to be very carefully styled so that you don’t look terribly twee in it. It could certainly be done, but…not like this. In other words: steer clear of the candy-colored bangles and the seriously uniform-appropriate kicks. I guess I just do not get it. You can appeal to young people, and you can look young and fresh and modern and fantastic, without often looking as though you are in costume as the age group to which you are trying to appeal or for whom you are performing. You guys know I am not someone who often name-checks Lady Gaga without rolling my eyes, but she appeals to a ton of listeners much younger than she is and she is WALKING AROUND IN AN EGG (maybe she’s been trying to capture that elusive ovum market this whole time). This, on the other hand, tends to feel kind of… patronizing?

And before it gets all gale force winds in the comments, as it often does when I note that I find it perplexing the way CRJ’s  team has decided to dress her like the sixteen year old president of the debate team, some caveats: I DO NOT THINK SHE IS OLD. I’m not calling YOU old. I don’t hate plaid, Canadians, or people with bangs. I don’t have a vendetta against debating, the debate team, or teams in general. I am not anti-adolescents, nor do I dislike candy, or bangles. I have no problem with tennis shoes when well deployed. I am wearing Converse RIGHT NOW, and I assure you, I am ancient. I don’t have a secret burning hatred for runners up of Canadian Idol, nor runners-up of American Idol (and I am including Kat McPhee’s stint on Smash in that assessment).  I don’t dislike Carlys: Patterson rules, and Simon wrote one of the best songs ever to make fun of someone’s accessories. I also like Raes, especially Charlotte, but also John Rae (Scottish explorer and noted snowshoe artisan), Canadian actress and long-ago TWoP mascot Rae Dawn Chong, Norma Rae (despite being fictionalized), and the Estonian village Rae. I got no beef with any Jepsen. I just want the woman to get to wear something that ain’t pleated.

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