For the uninitiated, here’s a FAQ page about Fug Madness, our annual elimination tournament to decide who had the worst-dressed year. And here’s our Wall of Fame page with winners, tribute videos, and brackets.

Hey y’all! I just looked at the calendar and realized Jessica and I are staring into the gaping void of Never Getting Up From Our Desks. Fug Madness Round One starts on Thursday, March 15, so our selection committee needs to meet and discuss the seedings with a quickness.

And so: Fire up your suggestions, y’all. A couple reminders:

It’s about the person’s body of work from, essentially, post-Oscars to post-Oscars — so this year, from March 2, 2017, to March 5, 2018.

How highly a person is seeded often depends both on how fugly the clothes are and on how often they were out and about wearing them. So, a celeb with very few outings but one REALLY BAD outfit might not make the cut, or might make it at a lower seeding, kind of like how smaller basketball schools get those #16 seeds in March Madness even if their record is the same as a bigger, better-known conference school that might land at a #6.

By popular demand, we’ll still outlaw performance wear. An exception is if that person also wore it for a red carpet photo opportunity, thus trying to maximize their exposure in it.

The selection committee appreciatively accepts nominations, but in the end we will determine the seedings based on very casual research, a sprinkling of math, screaming matches, bribery, coin-flips, and the need to fill spots quickly because we are running out of time. Jessica and I decide which celebs are assigned to which number — who are the four top seeds, two seeds, three seeds, and on down to 16 — and then an Internet randomizer will place each into one of our four brackets, named for sartorial drama fiends Cher, Charo, Bjork, and Madonna.

All that said: Let’s do this thing. Who would you like to see contending this year, and how strong is their arsenal of fuggery?