Will someone PLEASE explain to me why Jeanne Tripplehorn’s stylist HATES HER?

Do I have to get all CAPSY in here? Because I will: Jeanne Tripplehorn is GORGEOUS. She is a mere 47 years old, and could easily pass for younger. There is NO REASON for her to be wearing A SHAPELESS COLORLESS FLOOR-LENGTH SACK. WITH OLD LADY SHOES.  Is she presiding at a Dark Mass after this? Is she modeling her own line of new nightgowns for K-Mart, called SLEEP SACKS OF SHAME? Is she coming straight from an appearance at the national headquarters of Goth Caftans, LLC? Is she allergic to belts? WHAT IS THE DEAL????

Dear Jeanne. I watch you on TV often. You are freaking great on Big Love. You don’t need to show up places dressed like Heidi Montag, but honey. You’re way hotter than this. WORK IT.

And can the person who let you go outside in this. I’m serious.