It’s a bad sign when your outfit prompts me to wonder if you are one of the many many many MANY MANY Hollywood celebrities who’ve got a bun in the oven/are all sprogged up/ have found themselves up the duff/who’re cooking a human hot pocket in their lady microwave/whatever your pregnancy euphemism of choice may be:

There’s been no announcement of an impending Deschanellette, but of course that doesn’t MEAN anything and if there IS a baby percolating in her slow cooker, then I will of course get to crow about it for WEEKS. And if there isn’t, I wonder why Zooey — who is so pretty — would wear this. Unless it’s just because she’s suddenly become a mega-fan of the grape in the Fruit of the Loom ads and this is like a high-style homage. I get it. The grape is really good in those ads.

For kicks, let’s look at her shoes:

I love these — in part because they could lead to people putting on their lipstick with their feet hauled up in front of their faces — but not with this. Not at all with this. Not ever with this.