Are you ready for some people having romantical problems during wars? I always am:

THE PRIZE: This week, we are delighted to be giving away an autographed copy of The Winter Guest by Pam Jenoff. Per Barnes and Noble (and the back of ye olde book):

Life is a constant struggle for the eighteen-year-old Nowak twins as they raise their three younger siblings in rural Poland under the shadow of the Nazi occupation. The constant threat of arrest has made everyone in their village a spy, and turned neighbor against neighbor. Though rugged, independent Helena and pretty, gentle Ruth couldn’t be more different, they are staunch allies in protecting their family from the threats the war brings closer to their doorstep with each passing day.

Then Helena discovers an American paratrooper stranded outside their small mountain village, wounded, but alive. Risking the safety of herself and her family, she hides Sam—a Jew—but Helena’s concern for the American grows into something much deeper. Defying the perils that render a future together all but impossible, Sam and Helena make plans for the family to flee. But Helena is forced to contend with the jealousy her choices have sparked in Ruth, culminating in a singular act of betrayal that endangers them all—and setting in motion a chain of events that will reverberate across continents and decades.

THE TASK: We have but one winner this week, and I will pick the lucky one from the comments by random draw. But to make it entertaining, please tell us your current favorite novel set in and around World War II. (This also seems like a good place to remind you that there is a GFY book club on Goodreads! All are welcome.)

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