Well, it’s almost Christmas, and in the spirit of giving, we here at GFY have a wee prize to attach to this week’s Freaky Fug Friday — the type of thing where, if you win it and you’ve already got it or you aren’t into it, somebody you know WILL be, and thus it will make a lovely holiday gift for the person in your life who likes Mad Men, and illustrations, and humor (and really, what’s not to love about all those?). Yes, ladies and gents, the prize is a copy of Mad Men: The Illustrated World, by Dyna Moe, the awesomeness of whose name cannot be overlooked. You might recognize Dyna’s work from that time everybody and their mother was making Mad Men avatars for themselves and then using them as Facebook profile photos.

Anyway, to win, you just have to enter Freaky Fug Friday and be voted to victory by Fug Nation. Easy! Except, not, because y’all are freaky-good at these little assignments. This one is a toughie, but I think it will be fun. Ready? Go:

THE SUBJECT: Isabel Lucas, actress and strong candidate for Fug Madness.

THE SITUATION: She was apparently meeting a friend for lunch in Los Feliz, although why that called for trotting out one of Melinda Gordon’s nightgowns from season one of Ghost Whisperer is beyond me.

THE TASK: Since Jessica and I keep talking about how this almost looks like a novel cover, maybe a new print of a classic, your assignment is to imagine that it IS a novel cover. Name the novel, and write its cover blurb — it can be a kicky tagline or a punchy plot synopsis akin to a back-cover blurb. But keep it to just a few sentences, in the interests of keeping your sanity intact.

THE RULES: All entries must be posted in the comments of this post by 9 p.m. Pacific time on Sunday. A reminder: To comment, you scroll up and click on the little talk bubble, and it zips you to the comments section (we are working on another more prominent link to comments, but for now this is what we’ve got); or click on the title of this post and then when the new page loads, scroll all the way down to the bottom.

THE CONCLUSION: Have fun! We hope the winner will be very happy with his/her beautiful Mad Men book. It really is a gem even if you’re not a superfan of the show.