Many people expressed concern that this photo had been Photoshopped:

I think it’s just an optical illusion, perhaps from the combo of flash and shiny suit or something, because our photo source is not in the habit of doctoring pictures (certainly not without marking them as such). And also, if you were going to doctor this photo, why on Earth would you Photoshop him into THIS background? I’d totally put him on the beach, or walking out of an Arby’s with a big beef and cheddar, or something. It would be the worst prank ever. But even so, it doesn’t matter — the outfit is what was up for comment, and the outfit happened. And thank God for that, because we got some good limerick submissions from Fug Nation. Here are the three finalists:

1) By Megan

Dave thought upon waking this morn,
“Now what could these fierce shoes adorn?”
Then a shiny black spider
Did bite our Knight Rider
And a Slick Superhero was born.

2) By Emma

A writ of habeas corpus
For the Hoff’s purple-dolphin-skin opus
should be sent to the beach
with ensuing beseech:
“Answer why you would do this on porpoise!”

3) By Josh

You might find The Hoff in a bar
or in Germany with a guitar.
He might do a dance
in shiny black pants,
but at least he can talk to his car.

Which should win?

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  • No. 2 (26%, 2,184 Votes)
  • No. 3 (27%, 2,251 Votes)

Total Voters: 8,260

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