If we gave a prize to the most promising newcomer in Fug Madness, it would go to Fabiola Beracasa, who delighted us nonstop with her insane ensembles. Alas, Fabiola’s march through the 2010 bracket came to a close; we can only hope she’ll be back again even better and stronger in 2011, because there HAS to be more where that came from, right?

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For completionists, here is a link to a JPEG of the filled-in bracket as it stands:
Here is a downloadable PDF:

And now… DRUM ROLL… here are your Final Four matchups (after the jump). Polls for BOTH games will be open all day Thursday and Friday, so vote to your browser’s content.



It’s alien vs. predator, or… alien vs. alien, more like, although we wouldn’t be surprised if one of these ladies decided to feast on the other’s carcass this weekend.  Gaga scraped by Mischa Barton in an impressively close vote, in which the Lady beat the fashion tramp by a slim four-percent margin. Amber Rose downed perennial almost-there Courtney Love, on the strength of her madcap catsuits and creepy contact lenses and otherwise otherworldly aura. We look forward to seeing how these two ladies stack up, pound for pound, vote for vote.

(1) RIHANNA vs. (4) BAI LING

So, it turns out that since my Sweet Sixteen preview post, we’ve been referring to Bai incorrectly (and accidentally) as a three seed. OOPS. This month, y’all… this YEAR so far, really, has kind of kicked us in the faces. Someday we’ll tell you. But for now, accept our humble apologies for this embarrassing brain fart. It’s no excuse, but there it is — and it’s probably the universe’s way of telling us we should’ve seeded her higher.
ANYWAY: One could argue that all four of our finalists here — for different reasons — dress to shock and awe (and possibly frighten). Bai Ling booted our Cinderella, Fabiola Beracasa, with two-thirds of the vote, but Rihanna won the most riveting matchup we’ve had this year. Solange led her most of the day Monday, but the chasm shrank ever tighter, and Rihanna overtook her in the evening… then lost her lead again.. then snatched it back right before the polls closed. And so by a razor-thin margin, RiRi advanced to the Final Four. Take comfort, though, Solange: The new main titles for America’s Next Top Model are almost entirely a tribute to that color-stripe eye-makeup you so cherished last year, and which helped carry you this far. Be proud. And be galvanized. You’ve tasted this special air twice now, but never gone all the way. GET HUNGRY. That goes for all of you celebs who got busted out of the brackets.