Cynthia wore this to the UK premiere of Aladdin — we wrote about it four years ago to the day, but we were tardy — and that is apt, because it is a magical ride. It’s intricate and beautiful and so precisely crafted. It should be a whole lot, and would be on most people, but Cynthia more than matches it. Giles Deacon’s partner is Gwendoline Christie, so he is well acquainted with outfitting bold people who can totally pull off A Whole Lot, and now I want to see her and Cynthia get a reality show called Game of Clothes, which is just walk-off after motherf*cking walk-off. The rotating cast of guest competitors would be, like, Janelle Monae, Cate Blanchett, Celine Dion, Tessa Thompson, and Diane Kruger, and it’d be hosted by Billy Porter. This will not be cheap, but if Amazon can throw all that money at Heidi and Tim’s terrible new fashion reality show, surely it can pony up for this.

[Photo: Shutterstock]