Faye Dunaway has that rare quality wherein she no longer looks entirely like herself, and yet is still so unmistakably Faye. So it’s a delight to see her in this weird Gucci movie, “Sylvie” — alongside the French singer Soko — looking put-out that someone didn’t open the car door fast enough and flicking away the peasant who dared to offer her pizza in PUBLIC, inside a STORE, and still IN THE BOX, as if she is some kind of BOOR. The above, including the cover image in which she looks like she was shot through a Vaseline lens and styled like Peggy Lipton, are from the print campaign, though some are stills from the movie so I’d advise watching that first and just letting it wash over you before you dig into the photos. It isn’t very long, and you do not need sound, but the ensembles are a hilarious visual feast of eclecticism.

It’s part Grey Gardens, part a Jared Leto fever dream, and entirely pitching itself to rich old broads with offspring that expects a high life and expensive presents. I, however, prefer to feel like it’s hinting at a menace that sadly never comes to pass. There’s a moment where the two or them are walking arm-in-arm and it feels like Faye is trying to inject as much distance as she can so that people don’t think she would ever sign off on Soko’s outfit. Or, when Soko’s eyes alight on the red Sylvie bag, I thought the rest of the video was going to be out her either exhausting Faye until she dropped, or slowly poisoning her, so she could make off with The Precious. And then when, at the end, she gets a white version, to me there’s an undercurrent of, “Oh, you got me the less cute one? OF COURSE YOU DID. SEE YOU IN HELL.” Maybe I’m just twisted, but there’s a psychological thriller in here somewhere that I am dying to watch.

[Video and photo: Petra Collins for Gucci]