Glee stars in new ads for Ocean Pacific

[Photo: Splash News]

I actually think this ad for Op is really cute. But it also could not look more like a promo for an ill-fated dramedy about a group of twenty-something friends grappling with life and love in the big city, rather than a clothing ad. Trevor Donovan and Dianna Agron there on the left clearly play the golden couple — they seem perfect on the outside, but they have Secret Problems, obviously. Like maybe he secretly wants to be a lumberjack (judging from the shirt. Although, dang is he handsome). Jessica Szohr is the Quirky Artistic Single One, who is secretly in love with Cory Monteith, but Cory Monteith is secretly in love with Cassie, who is also Jessica Szohr’s roommate and already has a boyfriend (who is jerky and terrible, and thus not pictured: he will probably get drunk and fall off a dock and drown — conveniently, right in the midst of sweeps — at which point Cory will move in, destroying Jessica– a trauma I can only pray will force her into a Heartbreak Haircut, losing her Extensions of Doom). God, I can smell the CW-polished angst and outfits from here!

I hope it goes without saying that I would obviously DVR that show and watch it every week, so maybe Op should get on this. They could even call it Ocean Pacific. You’re welcome, Op. I accept checks, cash, and credit cards.