The Twilight Saga: Eclipse - Gala Premiere - Inside Arrivals


NIKKI REED: Hey, Joe. So.. what’s up?

JOE: My TESTOSTERONE, that’s what! Check it!

NIKKI: I’d rather talk about how I look basically very nice, despite the fact that you will forget everything about this outfit in about an hour, even if you are standing next to me at the time.

JOE: Well, I’d rather talk about my soul. I have one. A DEEP one. The patch proves it.

NIKKI: Come to think of it, in an hour, will anyone remember I was in Eclipse until the next set of movies comes out?

JOE: And see this shirt? It says MAN-SWEAT. It says, “I just swung an axe at some wood for my LADY.”

NIKKI: Oh well, I’ll enjoy the free clothes and awesome parties while I can.

JOE: Did you say “man”? Because I’M HERE. LET ME SPEAK DEEPLY TO YOU.

NIKKI: … or maybe I’ll only enjoy the free clothes.