First, I love Regina King. She’s had an incredible year, beginning with her If Beale Street Could Talk awards run and ending with Watchmen being a big success for HBO. I’ve only seen one episode of Watchmen because it’s not a show I want to watch with one eye, and right now, One-Eye Shows are all I can do because I am working all the time — either on my own stuff or fourth-grade homework. (BOO freaking HOO, etc.) I’m excited to pick it up as soon as we put down The Heir Affair. She is a natural choice for Entertainer of the Year, even if the Kingaissance began before that with American Crime and The Leftovers.

Lizzo’s interview is as charming and lively as she seems to be, to the point where they stuck a bunch of quotes at the end that didn’t fit into the traditional compact profile. Here’s one:

Meeting Justin Timberlake: “He actually popped over my shoulder one night at the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame [ceremony], that’s how I met him, and I was like “Justin get out of my face! I don’t need this right now, I’m already dealing with Patti Labelle and Missy Elliott and Da Brat, I don’t need you to add to the list of reasons why I’m about to shit myself.’ And he was like ‘I love your album,’ and then he started singing “Jerome” to me. Girl, I almost took Jessica Biel’s man. [Laughs]

JT popping up over someone’s shoulder to get their attention feels like an INCREDIBLY accurate description of how he moves through the world.

Renee’s is not wildly different than her recent InStyle interview, and Awkwafina’s is good but wasn’t as easily quotable for me here (the short pieces are tough that way).

Taika Waititi’s is very short, but provides me with one of my mantras for 2020:

“When we were making [What We Do In The Shadows], we were halfway through, and Jemaine came up to me,” Waititi recalls. “He said, ‘Hey, man. We just gotta keep reminding ourselves: The world needs ridiculous s—.’”

With that, Waititi bursts into giggles. “The world does need ridiculous s—.”

Admittedly, I don’t watch Succession. It’s on my list, but with my aforementioned Time Is Short problem right now, I haven’t started — so I avoided reading the interview because I didn’t want to see anything that might ruin the show for me when I do eventually get there. I assume it’s really good and full of sound bites where people say things you are glad you read.

[Photos: EW]