Barbie Ferreira is a former model who got her big break at 21 when she was cast in Euphoria. Chloe x Halle, 22 and 20, got their big break when Beyonce discovered them, signed them, and had them open for her on her tour with Jay-Z. And I feel marginally less ancient that I knew both of those things without having to look them up. All three of them are great cover subjects for Cosmo — women, photographed by women, who have a lot to say and yet are all still on the cusp of doing and saying so much more.

The story of Chloe and Halle is interesting because they rose to fame as a duo — they didn’t want to be interviewed separately — but are also starting to step into their own projects, so it’s a memorable time to be profiling them:

“Whatever we bring to the table,” Chloe says, “it’s not like we’re trying to come up with, ‘Okay, I’ll be this way and you be that way.’” But it does speak to the fact that yeah, Chloe x Halle may be one artist, but Chloe and Halle are two different women. […]

The thing they are though: fully in control of those narratives. […] They know precisely what parts of themselves they want to give you, how much you’ll need, and how to deliver it. It’s gracious in its thoughtfulness. Call it the Beyoncé Method. Having a strong sense of agency is crucial in an industry that often tries its best to morph young Black artists, especially women, to fit its repressive standards and expectations. It’s no wonder, then, that for fans, it feels like a privilege to watch them figure it all out.

Barbie’s cover story tries to steer clear of defining her only by her figure — and in fact opens by quoting several other publications that have —  but also openly grapples with how challenging it is to avoid that when her success sends such a positive message to women who want to believe in themselves as confidently as she does. It’s worth your time, and actually, this is a one-two punch of stories about people who feel fresh to me. Like a new wave has rolled in on us.

[November photos by Peggy Sirota for Cosmopolitan; October photos by Ramona Rosales for Cosmopolitan]