First GOOP gave us “consciously uncoupled,” and now Emma Watson has announced she doesn’t consider herself single; she’s “self-partnered.” To be clear: I have no problem with this, and actually quite like it. “Consciously uncoupled” always felt like Gwyneth was reaching very hard to prove she does Splitsville better and more thoughtfully than anyone in history, and came up with a term that ended up sounding silly (like, does anyone unconsciously uncouple? Has anyone woken up divorced without prior knowledge?).  But “self-partnered” comes across as empowered and aware (like she doesn’t need outside validation to feel whole), if also like a euphemism that an episode of Seinfeld would appreciate. And Vogue, in leading its excerpt of the interview with that (they don’t post the whole story), got the whole enterprise a lot of attention.

The cover is pretty good, I think. My feelings are complicated. Conceptually, it manages to feel seasonally festive but not actively wintry. The stack of names in different weights and colors is a little irritating to my eye, though, and I wish it wouldn’t yell at me to dress up. I don’t like what I own, but I can’t buy new stuff, Vogue! Chill out and let me wear jeans please. But in terms of Emma herself, she mostly just looks like she’s barely masking her irritation. The older she gets, the more her face starts to evoke other people, too, but I’m never exactly sure who it is that I’m seeing. It used to be Ally Sheedy, but now I’m seeing shades of Jennifer Jason Leigh. Parenthetically, I am extremely curious to see her in Little Women, because I don’t actually think Emma Watson is a very good actress — Beauty and the Beast was just awful, and some of that does lie at her feet — and so I’m dying to know if she can hang with that cast. What I do think she does well is activism; her Beauty press tour had that whole separate Instagram account with information about the sustainable and eco-conscious looks she and her team pulled together, and I honestly think she — as someone who doesn’t chase the spotlight at all — genuinely would like to use her privilege for philanthropy and activism, and acts occasionally to pay the bills so that she can achieve that. To her credit, I’d actually pick up the issue to hear more about what she has to say, and so I wish Vogue UK had given cover space to that, rather than just to this Hey, Pretty Party Dress!!! thing.


I don’t know about this hair, but I would certainly like to know more about those pants (?), just as certainly as I know they would look terrible on me.

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“I want adventure in the great wide somewhere… I want it more than I can tell…..”