Sure, it’s bold to match a woman’s eye shadow to the backdrop, and parts of this cover look like they got stuck with the italics on, but it’s so darn eye-catching and arresting. I’ve just spent the last fifteen minutes staring at her face.

I also enjoyed this bit from the interview (which is not yet online in its entirety):

“OK, piece of advice. Here’s the big news: nobody cares. Nobody is thinking about you. They’re thinking about you for like 15 seconds, then they’re like worried about their own shit. Nobody cares about the dream you had last night – well they do, kind of, but not really. They love you, but they don’t care. I find that very soothing.”

(That’s Emma talking, not the interview working out their personal shit in the profile.) I always put this a bit more delicately and point out that everyone is the star of their own movie, but there is something soothing about knowing that most people aren’t spending too much time thinking about whatever you’re up to. (Though I do want to point out, Emma, do care about how your Louis Vuitton contract is going. I have concerns!)

This is not Emma’s first British Vogue cover. She was nabbed the August cover in 2012:


Even if you don’t love the current cover…wow, what a difference. In all fairness, MOST media has changed a lot since 2012, but I cannot imagine “LOL (that’s late-onset lesbianism)” making the cut today.  It’s amazing how quickly a 2012 cover feels dated; I suspect Edward Enninful’s work is going to stand the test of time with more resilience.