Emma Roberts could have come up to me, bitten me repeatedly on the arm so that the resulting tooth marks spelled out the words THIS IS EMMA ROBERTS, and I would’ve been like, “Okay but is it though?” It feels like someone ran Emma Roberts through a Megan Fox, filter or something.

I laughed out loud at the idea of the “super secret world” of all-dude Bachelor watching parties, but only because it’s insane to me that such a thing needs to have its own “super secret world.” Get over yourselves, dudes.

The story is… not great, and one of those where the author seems a little too focused on her own participation (there is one unnecessary aside where the writer clearly just wants to put in her own feelings about dating, which… I feel like, put it on Twitter). I also bristled at the headline: “Emma Roberts Is Ready to Stand on Her Own, Be a Movie Star, and Wear Less Clothes.” For one thing, it’s FEWER clothes, but LESS clothing. For another, unless I missed something, the “Wear Less Clothes” angle is derived ONLY from a little side-questionnaire they gave her that included one about the theoretical title of her autobiography; she answered Clothing Optional. Turning that into a broader readiness to be more naked is specious at best.

Given how much of the interview involves her not answering questions about her engagement or potential lack thereof, I wouldn’t necessarily say she’s “real as hell” in it, but Emma does a lot with books on her Instagram — she has a book club, Belletrist — and I respect the heck out of that, as I do this:

We’re living in a time when you can’t opt out of being smart. You have to pay attention. You have to read. You have to nourish your brain every way you can.”


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