The interview was conducted by Janet Mock, and Emily certainly is outspoken in it. It seems that even when I find her irritating — which is often; to me, she tends to reads like the sort of 27 year old woman who doesn’t seem to realize she doesn’t know everything yet, a woman many of us, in fairness, have been, including me — I appreciate that Emily actually GIVES an interview. She talks about feminism, and activism, and while I don’t know if I would express myself the way she does on those subjects exactly, I like that they’re things she talks about; so many celebs don’t want to step in it (which I also understand), but she doesn’t seem to care, and to me that is refreshing. (Can someone be vaguely annoying AND refreshing? I think the answer is probably yes.)

I just wish this cover felt more like The Rising Sun in June and less like The Setting Sun in September (Which are also going to be the names of my cozy, seasonally-themed romances, I just decided.)