Oh, girl. This is like Wear What Your Daughter Picked Out For You Day, and hers are 4 and 2, which is about the only way I can explain picking out either of these, much less putting them together. That sweater is AT LEAST one size too small for her, and the skirt is a heinous rumpled mess. It should not have those giant buttons, and the star decals are in aid of nothing. Honestly, it really does look like someone walked into A Children’s Place and came out with a bunch of ideas to hijack. Bad plan.

'A Quiet Place' BAFTA film screening, New York, USA - 21 Oct 2018

JOHN. At least offer her your great green jacket. Yes, okay, your getup is nothing without it, but take that blow! She needs containment an concealment.

[Photos: Rex/Shutterstock]