You have likely heard of Wild Mountain Thyme, the “prestige” film in which Emily Blunt, Jamie Dornan, and Christopher Walken affect Irish accents with varying degrees of nope. Based on a play by John Patrick Shanley, the film has not received great reviews. If you do not care about being spoiled, please, I beg you, read the spoilers here, just so that you and I can make eye contact through this screen and mouth “WHAAAAT” at each other.

Emily has been promoting the heck out of it, though. Her stylist Jessica Paster has been putting up all the pictures — also, Emily is not on Instagram — and it’s a truly large carousel of outfits. And all the photos are shot in a brikc-walled game room of sorts that I need to know more about, so seriously, Emily, please get on Instagram and take us through your posters and your pool skills and such. Is this a New York Brownstone? Is it a house somewhere? IS it her house with Krasinski, or did she rent an Airbnb to be her home base for Zoom interviews? ENQUIRING MINDS, BLUNT. NOSY, ENQUIRING, NEEDY MINDS.

Anyhoo, don’t forget to side-swipe to see all the outfits in each post. If the embeds aren’t showing up for you, I’ll put a link underneath each one that will take you to its page.

Here’s the external link to this one.The first outfit is Saint Laurent culottes with a see-through pussy-bow blouse, which makes her look like she is a very glamorous wildlife photographer or something, and isn’t that pool table too close to one wall for you to actually be able to play on that side? Next, a very sweet Miu Miu day dress that is… well, sweet works, and why are all those records piled up on the felt? Third, a McQueen dress that I like but wish I could see with a thinner belt just to see if my hunch is right or wrong, and do those two rugs go together or do they fight? Fourth, there’s a Chloe sweater and an Ulla Johnson skirt that I think look smashing together, and if you are sitting in that armchair back there, to whom are you speaking? The people playing pool, whom you are not facing, or the people sitting on the black couch to Emily’s left, whom you ARE facing but who are not facing you? And lastly, those very stretchy-looking pieces are St. John and she looks like she could be in a dance movie rehearsing her extremely unorthodox graduation piece with Channing Tatum, and what is that on the coffee table? Is that some kind of 12-record commemorative gift set?

In this set of photos we have first a Christine Alcalay suit and Ulla Johnson shirt, which ALSO go well together — Paster is doing good mixing-and-matching here with Johnson’s pieces — and I just noticed the person in the background of the shot walking away, whom I assume is going to ask somebody how often they clean the chandelier. The second is a green Emilia Wickstead high-waisted jumpsuit situation that is a familiar cut from her and which has boob darts so aggressive they would make Miuccia Prada feel insecure about her work there. The third slide is a Vuitton jumpsuit with cute Loubouton loafers, and it’s like 87 percent great and 13 percent Why Is There Weird Abdominal Bunching, and also there are now people having lunch back there in the corner. The fourth outfit is D&G, which disappoints me given how much other wide-ranging and creative pulling is happening here (Emily always did like a D&G though), and is that a bar or a dining room back there? Finally, we have a Brandon Maxwell outfit that’s a bit chokey up top and very Blake Lively from the waist down, and this room reminds me of The Crown because I think every single available light is on in this shot.

This dress is Celine, and I like it very much, but should she have her hair up? Does that railing seem low? If you were tall like John Krasinski would you just never ever lean against it in case the balance was off and you toppled over? Can you tell what my (pre-Covid, that is) paranoia is about going on cruises?!?

And these, I believe are both Erdem; I like the one on the left better but wish I could see feet, but both are definitely on the unfussy side of the Erdem spectrum and I appreciate that. And Emily is randomly in a totally different room; I think these came first, so someone must have been like, “Emily, GET TO THE BILLIARD ROOM,” or, “Emily, GET ON VRBO FOR THE NEXT TEN DAYS OF WORK FUNCTIONS.” Enquiring minds want to know, and will have to get used to disappointment. It’s okay. I am sure celebs are not all that stoked about letting prying eyes into their private spaces, so if it IS a rental for the talk-show circuit — or her office, or something — then I wouldn’t blame her one bit. Hopefully the studio is footing the bill. 2020: When The New Budget Line Item Is “Impersonal But Visually Interesting Room Providing No Fewer Than Three Potential Zoom Backgrounds and Ample Lighting.”

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