This is the only Elle cover I have found yet for January 2018, and I can’t tell if it’s the subscriber one or if it’s actually going to be on newsstands. It doesn’t seem to have enough… stuff… on it to be a newsstand version, but that’s precisely why it’d be so brilliant there. The simplicity of it would pop.

Tyra Banks would go nuts for the neck Zoe is giving in this photo, and there is something fascinating about the slight curve of her spine and then the opposing curve of her neck. I can’t decide if I think it’s a wonderful photo of her, exactly, but it has a sloe-eyed heat to it, like she has an alluring secret. Overall, I think it’s successful — doubly so because Nina Garcia scrapped their original cover in October, when the Harvey Weinstein allegations kicked off a wave of morality in which Elle’s parent company Hearst announced it would no longer work with photographer Terry Richardson, who has been accused of sexual abuse many times. (They hired a woman, Paola Kudacki, to redo it.) I can applaud that, but only conditionally. Of course no one should be working with Richardson, but what’s depressing is, like with so many accused and admitted predators, this wasn’t new information. Terry Richardson’s reputation preceded him as loudly as anyone’s in recent memory, yet companies felt perfectly fine ignoring the allegations until suddenly #MeToo was too loud to ignore. THAT is where my applause is directed: At the women who finally made it impossible for people to look the other way, and forced them to fumble around in the morass for their consciences.

Anyhoo: This is the result. The interview is disappointing, because it’s in the torturous vein of celeb-on-celeb: Janelle Monae chats with Kravitz, and asks zero follow-up questions and doesn’t extract any particularly meaningful anecdotes. Instead they just graze a few topics, spend more time talking about Monae than is necessary when the subject is Kravitz (including a story where Janelle takes special care to pause and note that a dude thought she looked just like Kerry Washington), and barely scratch the surface. I can’t say I recommend the read, exactly, but it’s quick at least.

[Photo: Elle]