Isn’t it fun to see real models on the cover of a major fashion magazine every now and then?

Each model got her own mini cover story, pinned to her cause of choice.  Naomi’s is ostensibly tied to Fashion For Relief, but basically encompasses a variety of causes; Gisele is an environmentalist, working particularly in her home country of Brazil (I am not a massive fan of Gisele, but good on her); Doutzen is saving the elephants; and Anja is trying to keep plastic out of the ocean. They’re all short, interesting little pieces, and good on all these women for using their voices to try to change the world. I liked this bit from Anja’s piece in particular:

She hopes these behavioral shifts will lead to bigger ones. “The next thing you know, they’re voting for a politician who believes in climate change; who sees the dangers of plastic pollution, deforestation, toxic air pollution, and loss of wildlife; and who sees that we have to save our planet.” she says. “We need a fundamental change in our relationship with the planet. We need to consciously and proactively become the generation that saved our planet and, in doing so, become the generation that saved ourselves.”

Here’s hoping.

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[Covers: Chris Colls for Elle]



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