Spoiler: Of all the photos in this slideshow, only one of them is any good. That is quite a whiff, although — and I say this as someone who is very unphotogenic (I hope, or else that’s just what I look like?) — maybe Dua Lipa just isn’t friends with the lens.

At any rate, her sullen mien here doesn’t match with the story, in which she does come across as having more personality. It’s the first cover story I’ve ever read with a running subplot about avocado, though, and she clearly gave them a lot to work with because there’s a long written preamble to a Q&A.

The latter yielded this:

You’re very vocal about supporting women. Do you think that’s critical to becoming a successful pop star today?

We’re at a time when people are making more empowering songs. But I was listening to Janet Jackson, and she starts pretty much all her songs with “I have control over my body and my thing.” You forget that empowerment was always a big part of music, especially for female artists. We went to a comedy show last night, and Whitney Cummings was doing stand-up. She was brilliant, saying, like, women have been empowered for a very long time, but now it’s, “Oh, someone’s listening to us? Let’s go crazy!” We’re not used to being listened to. Now we’re taking full advantage of that fact and speaking about things that are really important to us.

Oh, and it answers the question: Dua is her first name, and Lipa is her last. Knowledge is power.

[Photos: Elle]
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