This dress isn’t exceptional in any way — good OR bad.

2009 The CW Network UpFront

But what gets me is that she wore it to an Upfront presentation that, as best I can tell, took place before lunchtime. Or at the very least, before the sun went down. Yet Drunkface looks like she’s all dressed up in her very finest piece of almost-underwear and ready to hit a nightclub for some bottle service.

Although, actaully, the dress itself bugs me, too. That bodice, and the whole Fleet Week “Why, hello, sailor, I was just going to slip something on over this but maybe now I won’t bother” vibe is just so cheesy and obvious. I’d sooner expect to see it on, say, Dina Lohan while she’s out telling poor unsuspecting military boys that she’s Lindsay’s only slightly older sister, or maybe in the Melrose Place 2.0 clips that feature good ol’ Laura Leighton reprising her role as Sydney, licking her chops like the drooling cougar they want her to be. Maybe Drunkface is auditioning in advance for the 2020 reimagining of 90210 – in which her character is an aging hooker and Kelly and Brenda are fighting over Dylan’s last two Viagra pills — but methinks she’d be better off just getting a better stylist.