K. Stew is starring as Princess Diana in Spencer, a movie coming out later this year, which Deadline says is about “a weekend in the early ‘90s when Diana decided her marriage to Prince Charles wasn’t working and that she needed to veer from a path that had put her in line to one day be queen.” The crew behind it is very adept, so it might be good, and in fact I think Stewart is a very good actor, so I’m optimistic about this (although I admit I am really concerned about her accent). They released this shot today:


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Honestly, though obviously it’s tough to tell from just one photo — and she’s of course much shorter than Diana — she looks much more like Diana here than I would have guessed she could look like Diana, if that makes any sense? It’s sort of uncanny; I keep tilting my head to see her face-on so I can see the K.Stew in her. (The costuming helps — the team that did the most recent Little Women is costuming this movie, so we know the ensembles should be good.) Intriguing!