All due to Vikander, who is….fine, as an actress (she is great in The Danish Girl), but is ANYONE agitating for a Tomb Raider origin story (which is what this movie apparently is)?  I mean, maybe they are! I do not have my finger on the pulse of the Tomb Raider fandom. If I were in charge, I would have tempted Angelina with untold piles of cash for some kind of Tomb Raider Rides Again scenario. If Harrison Ford will limp out to be Indiana Jones multiple times, it’s good enough for you, Angie! But no one asks me, and probably correctly. Because also if someone asked me, I actually probably would have said, “given her outfit, I’m actually feeling a remake of Romancing the Stone.” And, honestly, we all know that’s blasphemy.

(I do parenthetically wonder if I am crazy to like those shoes, though? They are open-toed lace-up wedges [you can see them better on Net-a-Porter’s site; they’re Chloe] and I feel like those are words I should not like together, and yet I sort of enjoy them on her feet? Life is a rich tapestry.)

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