Lordy, Diane Kruger is busy. She just got off the Inglourious Basterds carousel (and WHAT is with my pathological inability to hit the ‘D’ key
correctly whenever I type that movie’s name? I had to fix it TWICE) and now she’s in Venice promoting something called Mr. Nobody. Thank God she probably has people sending her free clothes by the trunkload, because between acting and promoting things and then getting freaky with her maybe-fiance, I don’t know when she’d ever have time to go shopping.

Mr. Nobody Red Carpet - 66th Venice Film Festival

I love this. I kind of want to try it on, except I know how it would go: I would get starry-eyed and excited and then put it on and realize that there’s no way in hell I could pull it off without a bra, and then I’d yell at my boobs for a bit, and then apologize to them and take them out to a nice lunch. You know, as one does. But it’s all adorable on her and it reminds me that I need to get reincarnated next time as a person with an unlimited wardrobe budget and legs for days. Must put that on my to-do list.

Also… I don’t usually like bringing this up, but because I know we’ll get a shitload of e-mails about it, because that happens any time we show a photo of a woman who DARES to have any kind of natural flesh folds at all around her armpits, I am compelled to say: THOSE MOTHERF’ERS HAPPEN. To EVERYONE. Or at least everyone who has flesh. FLESH IS NOT A FLAW. Thank you. The end.