Someone on Lainey Gossip wrote the other day that Diane Kruger looks exactly the same in everything. And you know what? It’s totally true.

Things are very rarely unflattering on her. She just always looks like Leggy Blonde Diane Kruger no matter what outfit is hanging off her frame — basically, she’s a designer’s ideal clothes-hanger. And much like a clothes hanger in anyone random person’s closet, sometimes she’s draped with something great, sometimes it’s something atrocious, and sometimes it’s something in the middle, like six tank tops and a cardigan sweater because that’s sort of space-saving. I might have liked six tank tops and a cardigan better than this — it’s what I imagine Karl Lagerfeld would make if he designed aprons, right down to the black dishtowel tucked up by her waist. Can’t you just see it? “Aprons are the condoms of the kitchen, darling. CLIMAX.”