I absolutely get the impetus to wear this dress. It’s so tactile and weird, in a very appealing way — it’s the absolute perfect dress to wear, for example, to a cocktail gala for the local aquarium. You’re covered in high fashion sea anemone; the only drawback, I think, is that drunk people would want to touch you (a common issue when you’re wearing a dress with a 3D pattern). However — and this is THE ONLY TIME EVER I think I will say this — I don’t know if she should have removed the dramatic neck fringe:

I understand the thought process — namely, that anyone would think, “this dress is A LOT and that dramatic neck fringe is a neck fringe too far” — but it turns out the neck fringe really pulled the look together; the sheer bits underneath just look haphazard, because they’re ultimately not meant to be seen. They’re just for structural integrity. Who would have thought I would be advocating for a neck fringe today? (Other than pointing out, of course, that The Neck Fringe are a great indie band and you should see them the next time they come out and play your local farmer’s market.)

[Photo: Dave Starbuck/Future Image/WENN.com]