The interview is totally fine — you’re not always going to get that Robert Pattinson Chaotic Pasta Energy — and this cover is also fine! (It was shot in the Before. Dakota did not get Apple Martin to art direct this, although frankly that would have been amazing.) It has a real “Summer of the Manson Murders” vibe that might have felt less threatening to me on a personal level if we were not seemingly living through a very very bad summer, and I’m also a little unsure if this hair works on Dakota (whom I do honestly REALLY enjoy) if she is not about to star in a Priscilla Presley biopic, but…maybe that’s something she should do, you know? Maybe we need to find inspiration wherever it strikes.

They also did a little video with her, and it’s pretty charming:

And it also talked me into her hair.

[Photo: Steven Pan]