Elizabeth Mitchell went from wearing dirty khakis and sweaty shirts on Lost, to sensible pants and tops optimized for gun-brandishing on V — none of which left much room for her to get all glammed up and bust out the eyeliner. On the latter front, I think she’s succeeded here, but I can’t decide about the former:

2010 Creative Arts Emmy Awards - Arrivals
I don’t think this fits .Especially in the bust, but also… elsewhere. It’s a gorgeous dress, possibly, but just perhaps not on her? In fact, this reminds me of the experience of watching Lost: never being entirely sure why or how we arrived in a specific place, but knowing for sure that something was up and that thinking about it too hard might break my brain, so I should just let it happen and leave the analysis up to smarter people than I. And that there was not enough Benjamin Linus involved, which also holds true about this outfit. 

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