First of all, god bless Cosmo for hiring Ira Madison III to write this profile, as he is an excellent writer and it’s a pleasure to read.  (And if you don’t listen to his podcast, Keep It!, it’s VERY entertaining and you might enjoy it.) It’s very much about the current moment in time — it would be weird to read a celebrity profile right now that isn’t, I think? Or it might feel tone-deaf, if nothing else — but Issa also just comes across as very cool and friendly.  (And I have to say, Insecure has been such a nice escape lately — watching something filmed on location in the city I live in makes me feel at home, while I am at home. If you don’t watch it, now might be a good time to binge it.) And I particularly liked this bit:

So, yeah, it feels like a lot. And it’s probably gonna feel like a lot for a while. But Issa will be fine, because most of us will, in some way, be lucky enough to be fine. At least, that’s what Issa’s boss-level confidence makes me believe, and fuck is it a relief. “We’re being forced to stop and just reevaluate, be creative in our approach,” she says. “Humans are resilient. We’re going to figure this shit out.

As far as the actual cover goes, I do think it captures the laid-back vibe that the profile talks about — but when you’ve got the woman with the best smile in Hollywood on your cover, it does seem like a shame not to use it at full wattage. But maybe that seemed tone-deaf right now though, given that no one is really going around flashing their full smile at the moment. Okay, Cosmo, I talked myself out of that note — and I will say that I think the Pandemic Era Cosmo Coverlines are really good: Wine, your plants, some entertaining astrological shenanigans. Relaxing! (I really thought they might have a piece about 301 ways to taking your sexting to the next level. If that’s not in July’s issue, I’ll eat my hat.)

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