What would Coronation Street superfan Snoop Dogg think of Corrie star Holly Quin-Ankrah’s outfit here?

'Coronation Street' star, Holly Quin-Ankrah arrives at 'The Closet' fashion show in Liverpool, UK, in a very see-through dress

[Photo: Splash News]

Well, actually, I feel like Snoop might be down with it. He seems like he’d be pretty chill with whatever anyone decided to wear, you know? Snoop seems very nonjudgmental. As a Coronation Street viewer, he’d probably also point out that Holly plays a lap-dancer — with, if I understand correctly, a TRAGIC SECRET– so perhaps her slightly too-revealing ensemble is merely Method acting and in this case, her tragic secret is a pathological attraction to what Bridget Jones would call “giant pants.” Giant pants for which I suspect Holly is SUPER GRATEFUL if this is not actually a purposeful moment of synergy with her character, but instead the work of a dastardly extra-powerful camera flash. And if it is the latter… dude. I’m sorry. Either way, I don’t envy her the phone call she may get from her mother tomorrow morning.