I’ve been curious about the Crazy Rich Asians movie ever since the rights got sold. I know the book was a HUGE success, but I admit to finding the main character, Rachel, too inscrutable at times. Many of the secondary characters were drawn with a finer pen, and Rachel just seemed to exist to be blandly nice and smart and perfect, with an innate not-trying-just-being fashion sense that infuriates all the nasty, competitive, and nasty-competitive women around her (because, yes, there are a lot of those). But casting Constance Wu may have been a masterstroke. I think she will fill in any gaps in shading that might exist, and be just enough to turn Rachel into a character rather than simply a vessel. She’s charming and charismatic, and funny, and she can throw a crown on her head and grin at me, and it makes me want to buy her a cocktail and gossip rather than just groan. Throw in Michelle Yeoh as her fiancĂ© Nick’s mother… this might just work.

Also, I think Constance looks like a goddess on this EW cover. It’s working that goldenrod-and-turquoise color combination to magnificent effect, while her co-star flashes a megawatt smile into her ear, because EW is letting HER be the point of all this. Which is right and good. Henry Golding, welcome to Hollywood. Giggling into Constance Wu’s face is a pretty nice way to arrive.