Y’all might remember a little recap we did of Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Lifetime movie, The Client List, in which her character was pressed for cash and so became a hooker at the Kind Touch Health Spa. I guess the recession made a lot of things harder, you know what I’m saying?

Anyway, we learned this morning that Ms. Lo.Hew, who seems to have an invisible Kind Touch YEAH, earned a Golden Globe nomination for her work in this fine film. She is being rewarded for making such convincing Actorly Faces as this:

And this:

And especially this:

J.Lo.Hew is up against such like competition as Dame Judi Dench and Claire Danes, whose portrayal of Temple Grandin was almost as affecting as Jennifer’s ability to slip inside the skin of Whatever Her Name Is, the brave lady soul who was forced by the cruel economy to become really good at the wang arts and then also to do a bunch of drugs and then tattle on everyone.

If you’d like to remember the happy times, I invite you to revisit the recap of the movie.

In sum, congrats, Jennifer, and we hope this entices you to more material like this in the future. BRING IT.