This is a big month for Claire: Because of Homeland’s return, she’s fronting Harper’s Bazaar UK this month, also, and it’s intriguing to me that both magazines picked a pose where her hair is splayed romantically about her face. I wonder if that’s a response to the fact that poor Carrie Mathison never really gets gorgeously splayed hair, because she’s too busy keeping us all alive. It’s interesting to look at both covers, because Harper’s went with a LOT of light powder on her face, but the photo is crisper; Marie Claire has her more at the coloring I remember, but the photo feels like someone smeared Vaseline all over the lens — like watching a soap opera in olden times, when Roman Brady/John Black would look crisp and clear and then they’d cut to Marlena coming back from the dead and she’d be lit a thousand times softer and look almost blurry. Both magazines nailed the lipstick, at least. I think Harper’s is better, because as much as that overly wan makeup throws it off, the whole thing comes across as more intentionally stylized. MC’s just looks like someone went nuts with the blur tool.

The most beautiful photo of all, to me, is the one Marie Claire ran inside with the interview. Her ring is fab, she looks gorgeous in a crazy-dramatic outfit, and she’s giving me the eye in a sultry way that’s actually connecting (they seem a bit empty on both covers). Something looks slightly unfamiliar in it — for a really weird second I thought the right side of her face, and that side alone, looked slightly like a young Jamie Lee Curtis — but I find it fairly effective at making her feel flesh-and-blood but also different than what we see on Showtime every week.

Oh, and not for nothing, but this ruched purple leotard of a dress is not helping matters.