I must be honest with you: I LOVE this cover. It’s so transportive — this is exactly the sort of thing those Gucci dresses were made for. (Which I guess is not great news if you bought one to wear around in the world, but maybe people will look at you and think, “she looks like a magazine cover!” in which case, congrats!) The colors, that blue sky, her very relaxed face — it’s all really welcoming and relaxing and summery. It makes me want to lie down in a bale of hay and congratulate myself for taking my Claritin.

I haven’t read the entire interview yet, because I’ve only seen the excerpts they’ve released for press – it was conducted at this cake-decorating place in Los Angeles and I know exactly the place they’re talking about, and so will you if you live near it — but it seems like Chrissy is forthcoming, as usual. The selections that were sent around as pull-quotes are mostly about twerking and her butt, but bits and pieces around the edges of those quotes seem to indicate that she also talks about her PPD and anxiety, and I hope that’s the case, because the more people who talk about how hard it can be to get through the day, the less alone everyone else feels. Regardless of how often you get to roll around in a Gucci dress.

[Cover Photo: Michelangelo Di Battista]